Penetration Testing Services

External Penetration Testing

This type of test will emulate a real hacker trying to penetrate from the outside boundaries of the company (Blackbox).

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Internal Penetration Testing

In this test the security analyst will emulate an internal attack coming from legitimate employees (Whitebox).

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Web Application Security Testing

This test will make sure that the web application will not be compromised by any external cyber threats.

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Who We Are?

KAWAJA-SEC is a security consulting firm located in Canada. We offer professional services in Cyber-Security for companies all over the world. Security matters and our mentality is to offer HELP not services. We currently offer onsite services only in US and Canada but we offer remote help for any company on the globe.

Contacting us

by Email

Simply send us an email at and we'll be happy to help you. We promise that no sales guy will try to contact you, only the technical people are involved in the process.